Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Those Small Small Things....

Ever thought of those small,small things you do now and then which make you really happy for a couple of moments???Sliding down the railing on a specific staircase,having special chai in the morning after jogging , walking along the corridor and suddenly bowling an imaginary delivery at an imaginary batsman ; trying to throw the ball of waste paper into the dustbin ; actually managing to throw the ball of waste paper into the dustbin ; taking a morsel of food into your mouth and revolving it around for a few seconds without swallowing ; sprinkling water suddenly on your friends ; trying to fool your friend telling him there was a quiz during the class he missed ; smelling your cup of coffee before drinking it ; twirling your mobile in your hand with nothing else to do ; singing your favorite song and trying to tap dance at the same time in the confines of the bathroom ...........

Monday, October 1, 2007


Observations :

  • Gandhiji was a great freedom fighter .
  • Paris Hilton is a very active socialite.
  • Mother Teresa did a lot of social work .
  • My roomie , Dhiresh is very good at business matters .
  • Gandhiji did what he did because he wouldn't have been happier doing anything else .
  • Paris Hilton wants to become more and more famous .
  • Mother Teresa wanted to change the world into a better place as much as she could .
  • Dhiru likes to read about businesses , stock market , etc .

Conclusion :
Gandhiji , Mother Teresa , Paris Hilton , my roomie , you , me , everyone do what we do because we want to do it for ourselves . Say , we give 10 rupees to a begger . We do it more to satisfy our conscience rather than to feed the beggar . The fact that these two points are connected is a different matter to be discussed somewhere else . Anyways , my point is every single action in this world can be deconstructed to signify an act of selfishness .

Added After a few days of posting this , the following is what my bro had to say on this:

"This deconstruction is pointless. I could counter it with - there are different kinds of selfishness. The selfish being that hurts a heart. A selfish act that causes negligible pain or damage. A selfish person who massacres millions of people. A selfish person who feeds a hungry person. A 'selfish' person who has such a profound effect on humanity that it changes the very perception of life. Therefore, there are two extremes and between those lie infinite degrees of selfishness to choose from."