Thursday, February 28, 2008


There are many a time zone
In each , soo different humans alone
Even in the humans alone
We don't have yet a perfect clone

Some fat , Some frail
Among the frail ,
some short , some tall
Amidst the tall ,
some dark , some fair
And among the fair ,
some arrogant , some intelligent
And even in the intelligent ,
We might have one lame ,
but no two ever the same .

All in all, just humans we are
And so many more beings there are
Take into account each and every creature
And you'll realize , Inequality is the law of nature .

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heroes/ Veetukku Oru Barathi

He was highly handsome
slick in speed , lithely built
fought anyone and anything
after all, he knew everything

Till one day when he was terse
came something out of this universe
every throat was crying sore
For there was no hero anymore

God came around and offered one more
and asked for but one family's heir
Everyone had a recall ,
no hero is immortal .

everyone wanted a hero some
but never one from their own home .

Sicko ! Yup, Thats Me

Some people call me Sick
A few others , psychotic
Still others consider me a dick
But they never ever get the trick .

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The sky is blue
And Roses are red
So many sights
so many colors
But any human, on any day
Is always a shade of gray

Self Proclaimed Arm Chair Experts

Taller than tall
was how tall it was called
And bigger than the biggest
was how its ego was set
Tall and slender ,
High above the rest
Shouting down from the tree-tops
That it was the best .

And so it was, till one fine day,
There came a sudden gust of wind
made ze hero billow real sore
And then , there was no tallest tree any more
It doesnt really matter , does it all?
To be so highly one-dimensional .

Lost In The ClassRoom

In the depths of the darkened room
my cynical skewed thoughts roam
Physically present , mentally absent.
Gone to place , where.....
I can have all my rant .

Far-off voices call me back .
Even though I want to do
nothing else but hit the sack
tired of thought ; dark , deep thought
which I wish I really hadnt bought

The truth of it all hits me in the face
Inequality is the rule of the human race
Justice is a myth , Ignorance is a virtue
And I dont have anywhere else to run to

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee

Say frisbee and u've got images of kids throwing a disc around . The sport I am talking of , Ultimate , also known as Ultimate frisbee is COMPLETELY different ; though the basic play is same - catch,throw,run .
Ultimate is distinguished by its spirit of the game —the principles of fair play, sportmanship , and the joy of play.{wiki}
I started playing this great sport on the Elliots Beach in Chennai . Though my stay was short and my number of playing sessions didn't even cross into double digits ; I was hooked .
And so it was that I landed in Kanpur with a disc in hand . Surprise , Surprise...we have one more enthusiast of the frisbee but he hasn't played Ultimate though .
Since, it has seen a slow but steady increase in participation here at IITK . Starting in the Hall 2 quad , we have now moved to the hockey field to have our Ultimate matches .
Every weekend , both saturdays and sundays , you can catch us playing Ultimate at 1400 hrs at the Hockey Field this semester .
Needless to say , EVERYONE'S INVITED !!! ....And no prior experience is needed .

For a sample of this spectacular sport , check these videos :

You can also join the IITK ultimate yahoo group :

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Education in India

Jawaharlal Nehru had a vision in setting up the IITs . He wanted them to be colleges where the brightest of the bright students of India could study in a productive environment . Ok, so how do you know who is the brightest of the lot ? Well, that's what we got the IITJEE for .
The IITJEE is meant to separate those gifted few who are more intelligent than the others . The select few who are expected to become world leaders in their respective fields . The guys who can change our nation through their innovation and intelligence .
Not any more .
Till now, the grading system has been such that students are selected only if they clear individual cutoffs in all three- Math , Physics and Chemistry . With this year , this sytem has been changed . As of now, there exists only a total cutoff , i.e. even if u are not good in math , you can slog like an ass for a couple of years and score high enough in your chemistry section to get through to IIT . Well, what will happen IN IIT is altogether a different matter (for starters , 98 students failed in MTH101 , the most basic course in math taught at IIT Kanpur , among the most recent batch) .
The IITs have made mistakes before and still managed to keep going at the top of the race . But this one forces people to wonder if this kind of a downward trend continues , will the IITs be held in the same esteem as now by the recruiting companies ??
Apart from this , we have the usual corruption cases on some of our faculty here ; absurd amount of stupidity in handling sensitive issues like mental stress and suicides ; extra-ordinary emphasis on academics (yeah , I know....this is a technical institute) , etc. , etc. .
Our Board here had the bright idea of making our 18 week semester into a 17 week semester in order to reduce stress levels among students . Yes, you got that right ....and just that....no decrease in no. of exams or the syllabus ....this directly implies that we have more to study in lesser time ; but this somehow seems to have passed through certain thick skulls without affecting their thought process .
On a higher note for education in India though , we have our first B school in the world top 100 and no, it's not any of the IIMs . Infact , ISB (Indian School of Business) has been ranked way,way ahead of the next Indian B school , IIM Ahmedabad . ISB stands tall at #20 , while IIMA is at around the 140's mark on the world front .

On the other hand , we have a mega university coming up in Orissa , the Vedanta University . The university, which would be entirely a not for profit venture has been gifted with an endowment of US $ 1 billion from Anil Agarwal , an Indian businessman, who heads the London based Vedanta Resources corporation . With a campus size of more than 6000 acres and an estimated campus population of 500,000 at its full strength , this will be a small town in ti's own right. Chk their site for more details .