Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crashing Waves and Birds on a Tree

What in hell is freedom really?

I’ve got no clue, have never been free.

If I were, don’t remember it too vividly.

Childhood, maybe,

A time when I was, perhaps, relatively more “free”.

But there has always been,

and a constantly evolving one at that,

an image, a vision, an idea,

about what this elusive thing, called Freedom could be.

All youse imaginary notions of freedom!

Unlimited money to spend,

Power you just cannot breach,

And oh, a life of security and unending “happiness”!!!

(Err, did someone just say shopping???)

As for some poor wretched souls, nothing like death.

But ask a few people around, and for most it’s Choice.

I will pray to whomever I want!

Why can’t I study whatever I like?

I wish I had the choice to do that.

Or atleast something else, but not This.

Give me the freedom to do whatever I want!!!


What exactly do you want?

I’m sure you don’t know really,

And neither do I, but then.

I have a feeling of what it might be,

For me. Peace, and harmony.

Everything in this wonderful world of ours,

Is about two things – order, and chaos.

Control the world, we don’t. Change it, I can’t.

Forget about it, I must. In myself, I should trust.

Synchronized birds flying in vast blue skies,

Unimaginably still emerald green seas.

No emotion in the eyes, a hint of a smile.

A fleeting feeling, of freedom divine.