Friday, August 3, 2007


Complying with the directives of the Hin'ble Supreme Court of India, IIT Kanpur has formed various Anti-ragging committees and squads for overseeing the implementation of the verdict with immediate effect ; regardless of which , ragging continues to happen in this campus, only , under the name of informal interaction between seniors and juniors . Though I have refrained from actually ragging the students (making them do obscene impersonations,etc., etc.) , I have tried to know the juniors better by asking them their hobbies and interests . From what I have learned from these conversations with the bacchaas (as the first years r called here) and from what I have heard from my friends, I describe some interesting students :

#One horribly skinny chap who had won four gold medals in gymnastics at the international level . This explains the lack of our olympic medals to some extent I guess.
#A guy who had written more than hundred poems in hindi, but didn't have a single friend to show them to . From what I hear , it took a long time to get this out of his mouth .
#A guy whose hobby was reading novels -he had read less than ten - was a big, big fan of harry potter and didn't know the name of the sixth hp book. Some hobby.....
#Another guy's hobby was watching movies . In his own words he saw more english movies than hindi ones; but couldn't name more than four english films . One more guy's hobby was to make friends. Chap must have been bitten by the orkut bug .
#Four guys till date have given this reply when asked what they do in cricket : "waisey hi , kheltha hoon ! " .
# Thera Hobbies kya hai?? : Novels padtha hoon . Favourite author kaun Hai ?? .......SHERLOCK HOLMES .