Thursday, September 13, 2007

Arbit - 2

# Screwed Mid-Sem 1 . But not so much that it cant be repaired . Lets see what happens in the second mid sem .
# Saw Trainspotting . Brilliant film . Fucken Style .
# Have read two volumes of Sandman , a graphic novel . Cant wait to finish the rest .
# Stopped playing cricket . Too much of fucking politics going on . Taken up tennis a bit more seriously now .
#Went to Delhi for the first time in ma life . Awesome roads . One doubt for the delhi girls..... ever heard of Salwar Kameez ???........... After all , you aint living in fucken California .
# Got this awesome set of paintings which form the portfolio for the Star Wars film series . Original . For fifty bucks . :)
#Lost my bag in the library . Along with my cheque book , pass book , among other stuff . And the security guard (read SIS for iitk guys) was sitting 4 feet away from it while someone walked away with it . Refused to take a complaint as well . SIS guards sure as hell live up to their name .
#Am doing marketing for Antaragni 07 . Thats our cultural fest here at IIT,Kanpur .
# Ever heard of a band called Poets Of The Fall ? Apparently , it is the next big thing on the rock scene in Europe . Their song 'Carnival of Rust ' rocks big time . And they are performing at IIT Kanpur next month . During Antaragni .
# Started playing Counter Strike . Not as appealing as AOE is . But is still addictive .
# Man who drive like hell , bound to get there .


adarsh mishra said...

well it seems u've done a lot of things.it's time to rest in peace now

Vin said...

Poets of the fall are awesome.
They composed a song for Max Payne 2. It was bloody brilliant.

Tashi said...

Women outside California should wear Salwar Kameezes. It's time they get this into their retarded heads.

pavan madhini said...

@vin...listen to "carnival of rust"by POTF...very nice song.

@tashi...Enna nakkala?U will understand what I meant if u go to Delhi once...and visit Connaught Place or Vasanth Vihar.