Sunday, April 27, 2008

Swivelling Layers of Condescension

I was born into this world hale and hearty
It was decided early on I was a smarty
And was written off to write the J E E
though elsewhere lay the interests of yours truly

With heart set to break tradition
I went into film and action
a hundred people had a hundred things to say
and made my family's view on me sway

this field became unworthy of my family's attention
they had to take care of their lofty reputation
My family withheld it's supple support and
I was left to find my own life transport

A few hardships for me and pity in my family stirred
All I had to do was shake my head and nod
I could become half my family business' head
and Prove to the world I was still of sterling breed

I did indeed , after a lengthy monologue , shake my head
A strong no it was and doors were forever shut
I was left alone , amidst confused love and tension
sinking , in the swivelling layers of condescension

The title and inspiration was a podcast I heard , by Suresh ......tamilians , do check out his podcasts...they are amazing .

P.S. This poem is not some self-reflecting poem or anything . I chose to write the JEE of my own stupidity .


forever said...

you are quite clearly obsessed with yourself my dear.
there is a term for it you know...

Pavan said...

And who is this dear critic of mine , may I know ?
And since when has being obsessed with one's self been a demeaning matter??

forever said...

first: you are assuming my comment is demeaning.
second: being a narcissist limits your perception and you fail to get the larger picture.

pavan madhini said...

all opinions are based on assumptions....likewise , you are assuming I am obsessed with myself.
How large should the picture be ? Coz' depending on the timeline and even the physical scale, our significance or rather the insignificance becomes very disturbing.

forever said...

huh, that is an incorrect statement. not all opinions are based on assumptions. this one is based on pure observation, i have read (presumably) your blog.
and you can be as insignificantly significant as you wish, physical or any other dimension, doesn't really matter. all that is perception, really.
and frankly? if you are thinking of pursuing writing, in any form? ice candy has lots of scope, to say the least. if you have the heart to respect honest opinions, i.e.

pavan madhini said...

How do observe that I am clearly obsessed with myself by just reading my blog ? That's not observation in entirety. Infact , I wonder if you can ever really have "pure observation" .
Your view that I am a narcissist is based on a lot of assumptions on your part .
perception , is again a very ambiguous word . Whose perception?When?Where? . Too many factors ....
and frankly , writing is just a hobby and I don't think I am gonna pursue it at any other level .

forever said...

what is the purpose of a blog? if not to give the readers an insight into your mind? with my limited knowledge, i presume, it is a space you use as a sort of a "soap box".

if, what you write in this space, is not reflective of you as a person, stop writing and maybe just do that...reflect :)will go a long way into make you a better blogger, if not a writer..

and, perception, whos, where, are frankly irrelevant questions, do not merit a response.

again, you prove me right. just because you get into such unnecessary nitty gritties, you miss out on the larger picture...

pavan madhini said...

a blog can be many things .... not merely what u think of it to be .
and seriously , whether you think I should continue writing or not hardly matters to me .
and again , you contradict yourself saying I should see the larger picture , which has got everything to do with perspective , but say that the whos and wheres do not merit even a response .......

these "nitty gritties" might be unnecessary in your perspective , but need not necessarily be so in mine .......

Ubiquitous said...


And condescension is something I really look down upon.