Monday, August 18, 2008

Close to my heart - Madras

Read something which I've been feeling a lot.Felt couldn't put it better myself, so here it is,


"We don’t want any of those integrated townships. We don’t need no DLF. Nor a Mantri. Nor a Hiranandani. One thing that all these new age builders coming into the city has done is made this beautiful city of Madras completely unlivable. Land prices have shot up the roof. Rs. 4500 per sq. ft. in Siruseri. Rs. 10,000 per sq. ft in T Nagar. Come of it. This is Madras and the beauty of the city lied in its quaint colonies and the mada streets. Where are those now. Today when I drive past CIT colony in Mylapore it is difficult to see a single independent house. Only apartments. It is really sad. Look at SS Vasan’s House on Radhakrishnan Salai. It is a piece of disaster today. An ugly looking building which calls itself Acropolis. To people living in the city like me since birth we are quite happy to be wear the conservative hat. Of being a city with enduring values and new age thinking. Of being a city with a higher state of mind. I clearly see Madras going the Bangalore route and it is time to wake up."

I found it on Metblogs, a very interesting site.


Vin said...

I wish they would follow one style of building rather than let the architect's mind run like our Indian athletes for every freakin building.

I saw a multi story house in alwarpet which was painted completely PINK and It occupied evey square inch of the land. Not empty space for a tree or lawn.

When i say one style of building, I mean apartments should look the same from outside. Bungalows should look the same. But the interiors should be customisable.

Not every locality should have the same type of design, though.

Its a pity to see those old 60s style bungalows disappear and get replaced by ugly flats.

Fubar.Avenger said...

It's not just the houses I was speaking about man, even though that's what the surface seems like ... what about the people themselves ... in their oh-so-holy attempt to become modern and global citizens, they often throw their senses to the dogs.

Kaushik said...

10000 per sq ft in T.Nagar is a thing of the past now !!