Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mind Your LANGUAGE ! Bleddy !

Last week , i went over to my friend's apartments to play cricket and we were discussing plans to go to a movie when all off a sudden , this 40 something gentleman shouted at us , " Mind Your Language !!! " . Uh ? .
He went on to tell us how we shouldn't be using "unparliamentary" words inside the apartments and should keep our filthy chats to the streets . All of us were still staring at him like he was crazy .
And he stared back at us . The staring game went on for quite a few seconds before I thought of asking what exact words we were using . Bleddy . This was the word he had heard one of us utter which had sent him mad . ( Personally speaking , I later realized that he must have probably had a very bad day from his wife :) ) .
So much for those apartments ; lets consider IIT Kanpur . Yeah , its still one of the best colleges in India . As for the scenario in IITK , a few facts about the spoken word here are :

  • The first 40 or so words I learnt in Hindi (during the first few days at college) were "gaalis" , i.e. swear words .
  • Every alternate sentence begins with bhenchoddh .
  • The in-between sentences begin with madarchoddh .
  • The sentences which begin with bhenchoddh end with madarchoddh and those which begin with madarchoddh end with bhenchoddh .
  • The few rare sentences which don't start with either of bhenchoddh or madarchoddh begin with either of bosdickey/maakichooth-theri .
  • If you know what the fore-mentioned gaalis mean , good for you . If you don't , even better . If you still want to know , DON'T ask me .
  • Yes of course , every sentence has atleast two other distinct gaalis in between the starting and the ending .
  • Quite a few creative students burn up their grey cells in coming up with new innovative gaalis every week . An interesting example is " Mayya-ki-Bua" , invented by Ankit Agarwal .
  • A special should be made of "Madhar-Puttu" , which came into vogue after it was used by a Rajnikanth look-alike in Deepshika , the Hall 2 festival .
For deeper insight into the polite words used by the brightest , most-respected students of our country , two days at a UG hostel in IIT Kanpur is recommended .


adarsh behera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pavan madhini said...

@behera....no insult to anyone...just thought that the vocabulary we use deserved a blog post, thats it....maybe a coupla laughs too :)

pranay said...

due u forgot some of the oher famous ones whihc i think deserved mention-like -ma ki **** and behe ki ****

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