Friday, December 14, 2007


It's been two days since RajniKanth alias Thalaivar turned 57 and he's still the hot topic for discussion here . Two television channels are having month long Rajni-centered programs while MoserBaer has come out with a special RAJNI DVD pack . Various other rajni-centred events have been taking place throughout this month .
Coming to the man himself , it's as if he has disappeared from the face of the earth . Nobody seems to know where he was on his birthday .
Having lived in three different cities till now , I have noticed various views about Rajni - utter devotion from die-hard fans , respect from people for his humble nature , ridicule from ignorant fellows up north , dislike , admiration , craze , etcetera , etcetera . Having seen quite a few of his films , I can't do anything but wonder the way fate has taken him from Bangalore bus stands to the highest position in Star-dom . No hero , be it Amitabh Bachhan or Brad Pitt would have ever enjoyed adulation like Rajni does . From morning pujas to BEER-abhishekams , this chap has seen it all . But to call him a BAD ACTOR will not do justice to Rajni . North Indians , and even people of other southern states have seen only Rajni the SUPERSTAR , only his action-packed masala flicks, which has lead to the misconception that Rajni has done only films of this kind .

One statement a lot of people would agree with me will be : Kamal is an exceptional actor . Let me tell you something else ; I have seen three films starring both Kamal and Rajni and Rajni OUTSHINES Kamal in all the three , purely in terms of better acting . Padhinaru Vayadhinile , Ninaithale Inikkum and Aval Appadithaan . The latter especially needs a special mention as one of the best Indian films I have ever seen . Released in 1978 , it had a female character (beautifully portrayed by SriPriya) as the main protagonist and Rajni donning the role of an MCP . That is Male Chauvinist Pig for those who don't know . Apart from these films , anyone who has seen ThilluMullu will never say Rajni doesn't know how to act . Mullum Malarum , Johnny , Dalapathi , Batsha (The king of all masala films ever) are other films where I felt Rajni gave stellar performances .

Something I've found really amusing in IITK is how ppl seem to find Rajni hitting four bad guys at once as ridiculous while they don't mind SRK chasing a scorpio in a cycle-rickshaw . Heck, every industry part of Indian Cinema has these gravity-defying scenes , be it Bolly/Kolly/Tolly-wood . But no film industry in the world has ever seen a star bigger than RajniKanth . Never will either .

For those of you who don't know it already , Rajni's next film is an animation flick called SULTAN . Now, if this film becomes a huge hit(which it probably will) , probability is there will be Rajni films releasing fifty years from now in animation format . :)

You can like Rajni or hate Rajni , but you can't ignore Rajni . At least not if you are in Chennai right now .