Thursday, January 24, 2008

Phone and Photography - Black n White

Black and white photography has got me quite hooked nowadays . I go around thinking how a specific place/thing is gonna look in a photo ; and if it will be better in B/W or colour . And sometimes , I took out my phone to verify my thoughts . Some of the better photos I clicked -

This thing I am holding in my hand is a souvenir Pranay got for me from , obviously , New York . I first tried shooting it by holding it directly against the tubelight , but it didn't work out well .

This is the view from outside my room . Found the almost parellal shadows interesting .

This is a painting on a wall at the Student's Activity Center ( it looks more like a booth bungalow than anything else ) . Though i could have cropped this foto so that the eye becomes the center , I liked this one as it is .

The last one of this post is one of those pics which you first think of in your mind and then shoot to see if it's gonna work out . I asked these two fellows to stand in the doorway in the afternoon and shot this photo , which came out exactly as it was meant to .


Srivatsan Gopinath said...

great pics dude!! you used the B&W mode in the camera?

pavan madhini said...

yup...if a phone camera can have so many diff. amazing aspects, i can't wait to lay my hands on a SLR.......

Tashi said...

Those guys look so funny man. Especially the chap on the left. Neat pics.

Johnny Tent said...

Nice photos. SLR? Borrow Sai's. Its getting wasted in his hands anyway.

Pavan said...

SLR ???.....dude...i clicked these photos with my phone...and no,its not an N95 either....SE w810i rocks .