Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Phone and Photography - Skyscapes

I was playing cricket at the Marina beach on the lawns beside the lighthouse when i noticed the interesting lighting in the sky . Out came the phone , and it performed as good as ever . Though the contrast adjustment in the phone didn't allow me to get a silhouette then and there , a bit of tweaking with Picasa did the job .

This one was really weird . What you are seeing is exactly as how I saw the sky that . I went a bit early to Besant Nagar beach , in my over-enthusiasm to play frisbee and got treated to this beautiful sky . Of course, everyone around were clicking pics too . This was one time I wished I had a better camera .

Again, I had to tweak this foto and then crop it appropriately to get it to it's present state .

This was a photo I shot in Ksheera-Samudram , my native village . Surprisingly, i managed to get the silhouette effect without the help of any editing software .


Tashi said...


I like ze last pic.

pavan madhini said...

poetry will come only with inspiration....nothing is inspiring me to write poetry right now :( .

Srivatsan Gopinath said...

neat pics dude. especially love the last one.

Tashi said...

The kuttiest Madhini is enraged that you are using two of her pictures without acknowledging it. Thou shalt roast in Hell for this!

pavan madhini said...

the kuttiest madhini is raang....coz all these are photos I shot...I remember shooting them too.period.