Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My first really long poem . Comments are specially requested , irrespective of how you feel the poem is .

Amidst thousands of people on campus ,
With dozens of Clubs and groups around
Various forums to voice our views
Counseling service to listen to our woes
Bhais and wingies to share our happiness
academic batchmates to crack problems together
Security gaurds to provide what else , security
and an administration making sure you become a success

Going to classes together ,
Eating our meals in huge companionship
Spending night-outs in brain-storming sessions
Going to MT for relaxing the mind
and coming back for a sleep to dream big dreams
waking up again
going to classes together

So many people
So many activities
So much I've done
So much I am doing
And So much there is to be done
But I pause for a moment
and reflect on how lonely I really am .

Further I reflect , further I feel
Am I really lonely ?
Or is it just that I like feeling that way ?
I like things the way they are
I like speaking to my friends
I just love the brain storming sessions
Lonely , I definitely am not
So i asked , What is it ?
Suddenly , feeling lonely was not feeling so good .
And I stopped feeling lonely altogether .
After all , it's all in the mind
And the mind is what matters.
And I am a happy person on the go again .


Mrunal said...

liked it a lot... loved it in fact... it takes you places within a few seconds... you can actually feel it... experience the busy life of college and see yourself go to classes, studying together and then at one point, everything ceases to exist and suddenly you cant hear a thing and all you see is people... forms more so... running around here and there.... and nobody seems to be taking any notice of you..... for a moment you feel lost and lonely... and then just as suddenly as it feel on you, the lonliness lifts.... as quickly and as swiftly as you snap your fingers...

this is difficult to achieve... to transport the reader to high and low within a few seconds... and you've achieved it fairly well!!

keep going buddy.... you keep getting better and better..... :)

pavan madhini said...

Wow...that was quite a lot of encouragement there Mrunal....thanks...again and again .