Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dost , Nanban , snehithudu , Friend - College .

Sigma mnu into alpha delta will give the percentage of the faulty pieces in the output.
Sigma mnu into alpha delta.
Sigma mnu into alpha delta .

I was nervous and I had reason to be . In five minutes time , I had to give my presentation, and my head was swimming with greek alphabets I had no interest in. It doesn't really matter here . Your interest . What matters is the grade you get. Copy karo , bheek mango , fraud maaro , bas accha grade la do bas . Kaam Katham .

I was trembling as I took the mike and spoke first about the basics of the course and then this new innovative assembly line idea I had come up with. I had taken huge pains to learn all the coursework and had come up with something new that I thought would work out well .
But as I spoke with shivering notes in my hand and a trembling voice , I realized my thoughts had no relevance to the grading .My ideas fell upon deaf ears and my interests had no takers . I was a misfit here.

Frustrated I was. Anger swelled up in me as I returned to my hostel .
That fucken professor should be dismissed .
Chalo yaar , chai piyo , mast jiyo . Kai ke liye itna tension le rao ?? Chill mar bhai !!
As always ,Dhiresh was there to make life easier . And a few others .

Kya ? Fukka kaa liya ? Tik hai yaar ... agle baar dekh lete hain . Kya dikkhat hai ? ...

Chod diya ? Tumko chod diya ? Arey baap re ... Pagal hogi wo ladki . Tu chinta mat kar , usse sau guna zyaada mast bandi milegi tumko . Tumhari to kismat hi waisa hai ...

Rest le . Tu rest le pehle . Padai wadai sab bandh . Doctor ne rest lene bola hai aur wo hi karega tu . Chup Chaap juice piyo aur so jau . Chicken pox hai bhai , koi mazaak nahi ho rai idhar .

Cricket team mein select nahin hua , to kya ? Aur koi sport hi nahin hai kya ? cricket ke alava koi jeevan hi nahi hai kya ? Lite le lo yaar . . . Ek kaam kar , tu mere saath guitar seekhne aa jao , ek hi saal mein naya band form kar lete hain ...

Akele chal rahe ho ?Bahut door hai yaar service center . Bore ho jaoge . Ruk , mein bi aata hoon .

College mein dosti hoti hai .
Dosti mein masti hoti hai .
Aur padai bi usi mein hoti hai .

College main dosti bindaaz
to baaki sab bakwaas

Well , almost .

College has , is , and will always be about the friends and their friendships . It's them who shape your personality , views and character . IITK is no exception . The technical demographics , the grades , cpi , spi , resumes , project reports , assignments , etc . will remain as pure details and nothing more .

The above post is part fiction and part non-fiction . The line between the two , is also , merely a part of the details .

I tribute this post to Dhiresh,Pratik,Pranay,Adarsh,Vinay,Sai and Sukrit . These guys have made my life at IITK memorable . Thank you chaps .


adarsh mishra said...

Dude great to see you write in Hindi ....and mind it , it was really good ....I mean those lines that u wrote were really simple but meant really deep to me .....it's really true everything is just a background music ....the real life is jus friends

Mrunal said...

wow..... that was great! very simple, and something everyone can relate too.... i especially loved the Hindi lines (improvement hai boss! although i'm sure you've just picked them up from your friends :D)

true friends ki keemat main achhi hi janti hun..... i dont know what i would be without them!!

its great you have found true friends at your college....... treasure them always....


pavan madhini said...

it was your sms that triggered this post ... i reproduce the same here ,it's worth reading :
LIFE means :
A winter evening, four friends , mild rain , four pegs of vodka

LIFE means :
100 bucks of petrol , two rusty old bikes , an open road . . .

LIFE means :
maggi noodles , a hostel room , 3:25 a.m.

LIFE means :
1 prep leave , 1 night , 1 book , 8 duffers

LIFE means :
3 old friends , 3 separate cities , 3 coffee mugs n 1 yahoo messenger

LIFE means :
1 girl , 1 number , 4 friends and a fight ...

LIFE means :

Eventually , I look back in my life and say , the hampi trip was great , school was fun , shrimati tuition was too good , college was great , the chennai trip was ultimate .... but all these things are a mere extention of the friendships .... and those special friends who made them possible .

thanks ...

Dhiresh Nagwani said...

nice post man !!!
truly this place feels like heaven just because of friends ....

Vin said...

Quite true man. I realised when I joined my new college that good friends make your life livable.

Good post, man. I liked the Hindi.

Fubar.Avenger said...

Mass Comm. in Loyola is that bad eh ? I mean , the crowd ...
btw , hows your graphic novel going ??? Have the first 10 pages , but after that , u seem to have removed them from your page on deviantart ...

Vin said...

Fubar.Avenger? That name doesn't even make sense. :P

Loyola crowd is bad, druggies and drunkards everywhere. Stuck with a few people who are annoying.

I made 13 pages of it. I am lazy to continue it. I got the story and stuff in my mind.