Friday, June 27, 2008

This Weather Bleddy Well deserves a post !!!

What's common to

  • A tornado at a speed greater than 100km/hour and

  • A blizzard , like the ones they got up at the north pole , harassing all those poor eskimos ?
If you said they are two extreme weather conditions , you would only be partially right .The more specific answer would be - these are the only two weather conditions Kanpur hasn't seen in the past two years .

Yeah , I know , it's a great opening for a blog post , but the credit ain't mine . It's been blatantly copied from this amazing review of Dasavatharam . Thanks , Mr.Jalsa-and-Jilpa .

Anyways,back to our topic - the weather .
A month and a half back , we had a sandstorm here in Kanpur . I saw people praying like it was the end of the world and yet others close their mouths only when they realized it was full of mud.At two o' clock in the afternoon , it become night here . An everlasting one for few - a coupla dozen poor souls lost their lives on that day .
It was C-R-A-Z-Y .

One month back , it was scorching hot and it was highly humid as well . For one week , it was like hell incarnate.Everything was hot .My notebooks , my shoes , my laptop , my bedsheet even . Sweating like crazy in prickling hot sunlight .
Whoever invented prickly heat powder is God . Really .
And then , it rained . And rained. And rained .

After two days of rains , for close to two weeks , we had what was definitively the best weather in Kanpur I've seen . So much it led my friend to go and blog about it .
And then , suddenly one day , I got up early in the morning , at 7 or so and opened the door to find summer staring at me in my face . It was so hot , I couldn't see without squinting my eyes .

For one day .

The next day it rained . A bit . But not much .

The next day was H-U-M-I-D . I had sweat written all over me .
But thankfully , it was not too hot .

And then , it was bleddy dry for two , the past two days . And it was that way till today afternoon . When it started raining . I look down from my room now and it's pretty much impossible to find a square metre of visible ground . Forget dry ground , that ain't here . It's been raining for 7 hrs on a trot , and heavily at that and shows no signs of slowing down .
Tomorrow , it is expected to snow here.Not a blizzard,most probably, but they say it's a possibility .
Well , just kidding , but I wouldn't be surprised if it did .


Vin said...

Ah, Andhi... stuff is pretty scary sometimes. Leave the door open and your house his filled with a fine layer of dust.

What about hailstorms? Had any of those?

Fubar.Avenger said...

I think we had hailstorms a couple of times in first year ... forgot abt those while writing the post ...

Saketh~ said...

Awesome Post !!

And i see u liked to me..

add me on ur blogroll mate..i added ou :)

Mrunal said...

this post bleddy well deserves a comment... :D

an entertaining read! feel sorry for you though, as you have to go through all of this........ :P

have you noticed one thing though? you almost never dont like the climate at your hometown......