Saturday, July 12, 2008


What if
The weather's never been better
breakfast wasn't ever tastier
every single thing
going just the way
you want it to

time's at your command
problems a thing of the past
misery merely a myth
and on your face ,
the smile a perennial sign .

You are so happy
so , so happy
that you feel like
you're gonna go bust.

And what if
all this pleasure
were sucked inside out
an unfathomable void ...

even that ,
wouldn't come close
to losing a dear friend.


Mrunal said...

your best so far.... thats all i can manage to say!

adarsh mishra said...

Nice one ......though not the best of your collection ....one thing i liked about it was the flow of the poem .....one never realise ki he has come to the end and suddenly u reveal the mokinfst realistic truth of this world.....really liked this form where the theme is reveale only in last few line ....it really captures you and leaves you with nothing else except few lines of admiration for the writer ......keep rocking dude .....

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