Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Ode

Sitting in my seat , long before
the professor arrives to spread his wisdom.
For once , in all of four months
I ain't dying with boredom .

I can't wait to take down notes.
My pen races across the paper
without missing a single word .
And for once , I ain't
looking at my watch every five minutes .

Because I know that
when the bell eventually rings
The professor , the lecture hall,
the subject , and it's mystery
will all be history ,
that I won't care about .

The last lecture of the semester
Is truly a great experience to remember .


Mrunal said...

this kinda made me re-live my last day of school! school is when u truly have a 'last day'.... college is like, duh !! attendance hardly matters... bt in school, it kinda hits you on the last day.... the finality of things....

an enjoyable read!

pareshv22 said...

college .... hmmm those days were ever charming , genuine TP, all masti stil nevr flunking :) ... with kinda group with fulltoo lukhegiri ... well now that in distant land its all different !!

But education for me is still the same,KINDA boring ;) .... but always fun on the last bench .. different angle u SEE ...

keep blogging buddy.


adarsh mishra said...

Well the idea of the poem is good no doubt ....but still I don't like the abrupt ending that most of your poems seems to have ....It's like you gear up for a grand treat ahead and all you get is nothing ..... I am not talking abt all of them ....The last two lines lacked the subtility of a good poet ....nyways keep writing ....and keep cming up with ideas such as this where one can relate himself to it .....