Sunday, April 19, 2009


Shadows of the mind,
in rays of light,dancing.
Myriad designs,
beyond understanding.

Hollow souls all around,
echoing within.
Contemplation fails.
with emotion ruling.

and confusion.
I wander,
a pathless notion.

A song-bird,called clarity,
calls, now, and then.
Adding further,to the
perennial polarity.

A multitude of feelings,
varied as we are,
come and go.
The solitary peace,
continues to elude.

Peace, oh peace.
Ever-lasting peace,
I am afraid,shall remain forever,
my nemesis.


Aditiness rockz! said...

Well...i basically dont have words to describe the beauty of this poem...embellished with wonderful words...!!
Keep it up pal..!!
Hats off...!!

Mrunal said...

chuck 'i am afraid' from the last line... will sound better!

like the short abrupt kinda words... they convey the frantic search for peace very beautifully....

Fubar.Avenger said...

@ Aditi ... thanks!

@ Mrunal ... thanks !! yeah, short, abrupt kinda words seem to be my style ... sorta noticeable right from the start na ...

Somehow I feel "I am afraid" suits the metre of the poem better (frankly, can't think of anything better to put in it's place, and completely removing it doesn't sound nice) ...

llq said...

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