Sunday, July 29, 2007


There are many times in our life when we say, "Damn! It would have been awesome to have a handycam now . " . This was definitely one of those .
Mr.Doggy resides at MT (the local chai shop),IIT Kanpur and pesters the customers for his livelihood . And my roommate, Dhiru-bhai and yours truly were the (un)lucky ones today morning, with a plate of namkeen in our hands . It rather casually walked up to us and sat down staring at us , as if it knew all along that we would give it something to eat , atleast to get rid of it , if for nothing else . What followed was hilarious at the least . Dhiru-bhai got uncomfortable and threw a piece far off and told me it wouldn't pester us again . Mr.Doggy went . Mr.Doggy ate . And Mr.Doggy came back . I was already laughing when Dhiru-bhai took a long piece, bit off half of it and threw the remaining far off again . Mr.Doggy went again . Only, the piece was still in Dhiru-bhai's hand . Mr.Doggy was furtively searching for the piece which wasn't there . And it was at this point that , with a very proud look on his face , Dhiru-bhai said,"Kutthe ko choothiya bana dhiya maine ! " . Mr.Doggy was roaming around the place still searching for the piece , when Dhiru-bhai made an observation , " The dog is now ashamed of it's incapability to find the piece . Hence , it won't trouble us again . " At around the same time , Mr.Doggy decided to come back to us . This time around , Dhiresh got touched and threw quite a big piece , in the same direction as he threw the before one . Mr.Doggy decided enough was enough and didn't move an inch . "Abey saala! Kutthe ne hamko choothiya banaya . Trust issues ho raha hai hamare beech mein abhi ." By this time, we had finised our 'special chai' and it was time for us to leave . We threw the remaining pieces of namkeen to Mr.Doggy and proceeded back to our rooms, sad that we couldn't spend some more time with Mr.Doggy..........classes were starting today .


Arunesh Kumar said...

I have come across lot of interesting Mr. Doggies.. I used to be the doggy's favorite man in my locality.. Yeah a video would have been great.

pavan madhini said...

Man, this dog had awesome eye expressions.

Riya said...

This Mr. Doggy character- I absolutely loved him! :P
Trust issues! :D Lol!

Mrunal said...

hahahaha! i so hope ur classes had not started so soon! would have loved to find out what would have happened had you sat there a little longer....

by the way, whacko title; 'Trust Issues'!! lolz.. :D