Thursday, July 19, 2007

your LIFE will be in SHAMBLES...

I have just come back from a trip to Tirupathi (not Tirumala, mind you) and am bleddy tired, but can't resist recording this eventful trip. We started of early, at about 6'o clock and reached Puttur at around 8-15, including me driving for about 50 odd kilometres- my first long distance drive. Had breakfast and left.Spent half an hour trying to locate the chap whom we had gone to meet, Mr.Ramana. My mom sat down to discuss various issues with him including my future and my brother's future. while Mr. Sols and myself, we went to a mokkai-comedy film curiously titled "DUBAI SEENU" . Mr.Sols clearly enjoyed this film to the hilt, as was evident from the curious glances the other members of the audience gave him....for he was laughing non-stop throughout and not too softly at that. We went back to Mr. Ramana's office , called SPAVC-Sri Padmalaya Astro and Vasthu Center (I am not too sure abt what the P stood for though) . Apparently, my Mom wanted him to give me some counselling and put me back on the right track to success . He tried in vain as I retorted to his apparently "in-depth analysis of my life with the help of Uranus, Mars and Venus,etc." with questions which, of course, seemed quite clever to me. It was at this point that he uttered for the first time," If you don't understand what I am saying, your entire life will be in shambles! I have seen so many students ruining their lives in front of my eyes.". I burst out laughing and he thought I was going along with what he was saying. He must have been quite impressed with his 'shambles' statement, for he repeated it atleast two or three times, before he gave up . At this juncture, he turned to my Mom and said," veeli ni yevaru valla marchanu kadhu ma." (Ivangala yaaralayum thiruttha mudiyadhu ma/ No one can change these fellows) . They decided that bringing about any change in me then was quite impossible and turned to other important issues such as how Saturn was playing around with my Mom's life . I didn't speak another word till my Mom turned around to me and I was already outside by the time she said ," Pothama?" (Kalambalama?/ Shall we leave?) . Unfortunately, their discussion was not yet over and I had to wait for an hour in the car before she came out of the office, having discussed the futures of everybody we knew well enough to have a horoscope of theirs with us. It didn't end here- we had to pay a visit to Mr.Ramana's house- one more formality. Finally, we left . After a short break at Puttur again, we left for Chennai.

The journey started off nice and quiet, though it was not to be that way for long . Around ten minutes into the drive, we saw heavy lightning strike down on every side. In a matter of seconds, the whole goddamn area was engulfed in rain. I have NEVER seen rain which was so sudden and yet so heavy. My Mom believes she hasn't seen anything like it either. It was like as if we were driving through a wall of water. Visiblity was down to less than two meters. And as sudden as was its starting, so was it's ending . We were quite shocked and somewhat thankful that this frightful rain had stopped when we noticed the strong smell of DIESEL in the car . Diesel was leaking from the tank. It was scary to see the diesel spurt out every time the accelerater was pressed . We carried on slowly till we came to Tirutani and it took close to an hour to sort out the problem satisfactorily . What should have been a journey of two and a half hours took four hours , but we were safe and back at home .

As for whether my life will end up in 'SHAMBLES", we'll have to wait and see.

P.S : Mr.Sols is my brother-driver. He joined as a driver in our household around 10 years back and is now much more of a brother than a driver . And as for my blog name , this is an iconic dialogue from the Rajni starrer "Chandramukhi " .

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